Class GiraphComputationAdaptorContext<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T>

  • Type Parameters:
    OID_T -
    VID_T -
    VDATA_T -
    EDATA_T -
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    ContextBase, DefaultContextBase<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T>

    public class GiraphComputationAdaptorContext<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T>
    extends VertexDataContext<IFragment<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T>,​VDATA_T>
    implements DefaultContextBase<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T>
    Generic adaptor context class. The type parameter OID,VID_VDATA_T,EDATA_T is irrelevant to User writables. They are type parameters for grape fragment. We need them to support multiple set of actual type parameters in one adaptor.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GiraphComputationAdaptorContext

        public GiraphComputationAdaptorContext()
    • Method Detail

      • hasMasterCompute

        public boolean hasMasterCompute()
      • setClassLoader

        public void setClassLoader​(URLClassLoader classLoader)
      • writeBackVertexData

        public void writeBackVertexData()
      • Init

        public void Init​(IFragment<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T> frag,
                         DefaultMessageManager messageManager,
        CAUTION: THIS METHOD SHALL BE CALLED in JNI after initCommunicator..

        With communicatorAddress passed, we init a FFICommunicator obj with that address.

        Specified by:
        Init in interface DefaultContextBase<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T>
        frag - The graph fragment providing accesses to graph data.
        messageManager - The message manger which manages messages between fragments.
        jsonObject - String args from cmdline.
        See Also:
        IFragment, DefaultMessageManager, JSONObject
      • haltVertex

        public void haltVertex​(long lid)
      • isHalted

        public boolean isHalted​(long lid)
      • allHalted

        public boolean allHalted()
      • activateVertex

        public void activateVertex​(long lid)