Interface ParallelContextBase<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T>

    • Method Detail

      • Init

        void Init​(IFragment<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T> frag,
                  ParallelMessageManager messageManager,
        Called by grape framework, before any PEval. You can initiating data structures need during super steps here.
        frag - The graph fragment providing accesses to graph data.
        messageManager - The message manger which manages messages between fragments.
        jsonObject - String args from cmdline.
        See Also:
        IFragment, ParallelMessageManager, JSONObject
      • Output

        void Output​(IFragment<OID_T,​VID_T,​VDATA_T,​EDATA_T> frag)
        Output will be executed when the computations finalizes. Data maintained in this context shall be outputted here.
        frag - The graph fragment contains the graph info.
        See Also: