Class NettyMessageDecoder

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    public class NettyMessageDecoder
    extends io.netty.handler.codec.ByteToMessageDecoder
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      protected void decode​( ctx, io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf in, List<Object> out)
      Decode the from one ByteBuf to an other.
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      • NettyMessageDecoder

        public NettyMessageDecoder()
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      • decode

        protected void decode​( ctx,
                              io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf in,
                              List<Object> out)
                       throws Exception
        Decode the from one ByteBuf to an other. This method will be called till either the input ByteBuf has nothing to read when return from this method or till nothing was read from the input ByteBuf.
        Specified by:
        decode in class io.netty.handler.codec.ByteToMessageDecoder
        ctx - the ChannelHandlerContext which this ByteToMessageDecoder belongs to
        in - the ByteBuf from which to read data
        out - the List to which decoded messages should be added
        Exception - is thrown if an error occurs