Class ParallelMessageManagerGen_cxx_0x5a835738

    • Field Detail

      • SIZE

        public static final int SIZE
      • HASH_SHIFT

        public static final int HASH_SHIFT
    • Constructor Detail

      • ParallelMessageManagerGen_cxx_0x5a835738

        public ParallelMessageManagerGen_cxx_0x5a835738​(long address)
    • Method Detail

      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • nativeFinishARound

        public static void nativeFinishARound​(long ptr)
      • nativeForceContinue

        public static void nativeForceContinue​(long ptr)
      • nativeGetMessageInBuffer

        public static"GetMessageInBuffer") boolean nativeGetMessageInBuffer​(long ptr,
                                                                                                               long buf0)
      • getMsgSize

        public"GetMsgSize") long getMsgSize()
        Specified by:
        getMsgSize in interface MessageManagerBase
      • nativeGetMsgSize

        public static"GetMsgSize") long nativeGetMsgSize​(long ptr)
      • initChannels

        public void initChannels​(int channel_num)
        Description copied from interface: ParallelMessageManager
        Init the message manager which number of possible channels. Each channel will swap messages in parallel.
        Specified by:
        initChannels in interface ParallelMessageManager
        channel_num - number of channels.
      • nativeInitChannels

        public static void nativeInitChannels​(long ptr,
                                              int channel_num0)
      • nativeStart

        public static void nativeStart​(long ptr)
      • nativeStartARound

        public static void nativeStartARound​(long ptr)
      • toTerminate

        public"ToTerminate") boolean toTerminate()
        Specified by:
        toTerminate in interface MessageManagerBase
      • nativeToTerminate

        public static"ToTerminate") boolean nativeToTerminate​(long ptr)