GraphScope™ – the scope for your graph data.


GraphScope™ is the smart data search engine for graph data. GraphScope allows the user to search graph data, in particular RDF data, in a simple way by just entering keyword queries. The user needs no knowledge about the data schema or structure nor about the formal query language SPARQL. The keyword queries are interpreted by GraphScope and precise results matching the information need are shown to the user. GraphScope is in particular suited for domain experts, who need fast and simple access to a graph database, and do not want to spend their day writing formal database queries.



Understands you and your data

GraphScope interprets your keyword query. Semantic technologies and advanced algorithms in the GraphScope core recognize the data structure and schema of your data, even if its changing, and return relevant results in seconds.


No endless list of hits

GraphScope helps you to scope it out. Whereas regular text search engines return lists of thousands of links, GraphScope works on structured graph data consisting of thousands of edges and nodes. In this sheer mass of data, GraphScope targets the relevant parts and finds focused results instead of an endless list of hits.


Focus on your goals

GraphScope helps you to get the information you need in seconds. You can focus on your goals instead of spending time on searching for the right data. GraphScope saves you time and money when working with graph data.

Just keywords
You don’t need to be an SPARQL expert to get the power of graph data. Just searching by keywords is enough to take advantage of the relationships in your data and find relevant data.
Simple interface
Have you used a search engine before? Then you will be familiar with GraphScope in seconds. Plus, GraphScope can give you feedback on how your search was interpreted and you can alter your request easily.
GraphScope allows you to discover data related to your search result and explore relevant data.
Engages everybody
GraphScope enables everybody to search the data graph, not just IT-experts. More insights to the knowledge captured by your data will be gained.
Domain independant
GraphScope is domain independant. Whether your data is about life-science, IT, enterprise organisation, finance or any other domain, GraphScope will like it.
Supports many languages
The language used in your data matters most for GraphScope. GraphScope supports more than a dozen languages.
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