Say Hello to GraphScope!

graphscope-releasing The source code of GraphScope is released today!

github repo:

GraphScope aims to provide a single system that is able to support three types of computation tasks, i.e., graph interactive query, graph analytics and graph deep learning. We carefully design GraphScope with user-friendly interface and extensible programming APIs, so that users can easily construct customized end-to-end graph processing pipelines involving different types of graph computation tasks. In specific, GraphScope fully embraces the Python and Gremlin ecosystem, and thus comes with a shallow learning curve for both data scientists and developers. Under the hood, GraphScope comprises core engines specifically optimized for each graph computation paradigm, and can smoothly orchestrate multiple engines to cooperate efficiently, avoiding the complexity of manually stitching multiple independent systems together. GraphScope can scale to ultra-large graphs, and run in industrial speed and robustness.

GraphScope is released under Apache License 2.0. Any contributions are greatly appreciated! You may reach us at Slack channel or submit GitHub issues.