Release Notes: v0.5.0

release-note We are glad to announce the GraphScope 0.5 release. As the first step towards the ease of deployment in production, this major release includes two new features, namely a persistent graph store to enable a “service mode” for real-time graph computing, and lazy evaluation of GraphScope programs–an execution strategy which delays the execution of a GraphScope program until later when needed for efficiency. In addition, we improve the compatibility with NetworkX. ​ We highlight the following improvements included in this release: ​

  1. GraphScope-Store: A persistent store for mutable graphs. Currently, it has supported the following features/functions:

    • A bulk-load tool to import a property graph from files to the GraphScope-Store instance.
    • Helm support to launch GraphScope as a service with a store.
    • Support for multiple session connections to a store.
    • Interactive queries on graphs in the store with Gremlin.
  2. Lazy evaluation

    • Support to switch between lazy-mode and eager-mode by just setting the value of mode as lazy or eager when creating a session graphscope.session(mode='lazy'or 'eager').
    • Adapt the NetworkX interfaces to switch between eager and lazy modes.
  3. Enhanced NetworkX compatibility

    • Support for multi-queries on duplications of the whole graph.
    • Add all-pairs shortest paths and closeness centrality algorithms.
  4. Provide a Q&A page for beginners

For more detailed improvements that have been made in this release, please refer to the complete changelog.