Release Notes: v0.7.0

release-note We are glad to announce the availability of GraphScope v0.7. This release includes major updates for the persistent graph store in GraphScope, providing APIs for real-time graph updates (inserts and deletes of individual vertices and edges). It also focuses on user-friendly improvements, security issues, code quality, and a series of bug fixes.

We highlight the following improvements included in this release:

  1. Apart from bulk loading, this release introduces a set of APIs for real-time graph updates. Currently, these APIs have supported the following functions:
    • Insert/delete one or multiple vertices/edges;
    • Update properties of a specific vertex/edge.

    More details can refer to this.

  2. User-friendly improvement
    • Revise error handling in GraphScope and improve all error messages reported to users;
    • Add a document to describe persistent graph store in GraphScope;
    • The logs in the err channel are always fetched to the client for debugging;
    • The bulk-loading tool of the persistent graph store is released to help load graphs into the store;
    • Revise some descriptions for APIs in documents.
  3. Optimizations and enhancements
    • Using zetcd to replace zookeeper in the graph interactive engine;
    • Update third-party dependencies to address some security issues;
    • More test coverages for GAIA and client;
    • Integrate GIE GraphManager into Coordinator;
    • During sess.gremlin, the pod will not be created dynamically for reducing the response time.
  4. Some Breaking API Changes:
    • Remove GIE GraphManager role;
    • Remove zookeeper and replace with zetcd;
    • k8s_gie_graph_manager_image, k8s_gie_graph_manager_cpu, k8s_gie_graph_manager_mem Deprecated;
    • k8s_zookeeper_image, k8s_zookeeper_cpu, k8s_zookeeper_mem Deprecated;
    • k8s_gie_gremlin_server_cpu, k8s_gie_gremlin_server_mem Deprecated.

For more detailed improvements that have been made in this release, please refer to the complete changelog.