Release Notes: v0.8.0

release-note We are glad to announce the availability of GraphScope v0.8. This release is a major update on many aspects of the project including deployment, system speed and APIs. For quickly getting started, this release supports to use GraphScope on standalone mode without Kubernetes. To improve the efficiency of operators and applications in NetworkX module, an immutable graph is applied by default, while it is converted to a dynamic graph only if modification operators for graphs are triggered. In addition, a notebook is integrated into the helm charts.

We highlight the following improvements included in this release:

  1. Standalone mode support for GraphScope:
    • Users now can do pip install graphscope to deploy GraphScope together with runtime dependencies;
    • Users now switch to pip install graphscope_client to install python client of GraphScope;
    • MacOS support is added, and it is compatible with Apple clang 13.0.0.
  2. Enhancement on graphscope.nx module:
    • Support NetworkX operators over immutable graphs;
    • Support holding an immutable graph in nx.Graph and copy-on-write to a dynamic graph.
  3. Enhancement of deployment, performance and APIs:
    • Integrate a jupyter-lab notebook container into the helm charts.

For more detailed improvements that have been made in this release, please refer to the complete changelog.