Release Notes: v0.12.0

release-note The GraphScope v0.12.0 release is a major update on many aspects of the project including backend engines, APIs, and system stability. It introduces an intermediate representation (IR) layer into the graph interactive engine (GIE) named GAIA, to decouple query languages from query execution engines. Meanwhile, this release supports Giraph APIs to allow Giraph apps directly running on the Graph Analytics Engine (GAE) of GraphScope.

We highlight the following improvements included in this release:

  1. Introduce an IR layer into GAIA:
    • A completely redesigned IR layer to decouple the query language dependency, and further for query optimizations.
    • Define the supported Gremlin’s grammar via Antlr.
    • Support match()-step in Gremlin, for graph pattern matching.
  2. Add Giraph APIs to GAE:
    • Support to load graphs with Giraph formats.
    • Support Giraph APIs on GraphScope, and all apps implemented on top of the original Giraph APIs can run on GraphScope without modifications.
    • Users now can add jars with sess.add_lib() method.
  3. Bug fixes and other enhancements:
    • Correct the lifecycle management of loaded graphs within a session.
    • Make the logs of Graph Learning Engine (GLE) more user-friendly.
    • Fix readwrite failed on graphscope.nx.
    • Support to connect to an existing ETCD cluster in GraphScope.
    • Support to launch GraphScope on K8s from an inner-pod environment.

For more detailed improvements that have been made in this release, please refer to the complete changelog.