Release Notes: v0.13.0

release-note We are delighted to announce the release of GraphScope v0.13.0. This release is focused on providing a JupyterLab extension for GraphScope to make your graph computation workflows better. In addition, we continuously work on improving performance of GraphScope, and developer usability.

We highlight the following improvements included in this release:

  1. Introducing a JupyterLab extension for GraphScope. Currently, it supports the following functions:
    • Providing a graphical user interface for monitoring status of some variables (e.g., session and graph) in your GraphScope program;
    • Supporting to define data schema and load graph data in an interactive way;
    • The extension has been integrated into our GraphScope Playground.
  2. Performance improvement:
    • Adding data caching mechanism in the NetworkX module to improve the performance;
    • Optimizing the performance of converting arrow_fragment to dynamic_fragment with multi-thread.
  3. Bug fixes and other enhancements:
    • Fixing compilation failure in cdlp with arrow_flatten_fragment;
    • Supporting primary key index in Groot;
    • Adding average clustering as built-in applications.

For more detailed improvements that have been made in this release, please refer to the complete changelog.