GraphScope Achieved Record-breaking (2.45X) Results on LDBC SNB Interactive Workload

release-note Recently, LDBC (Linked Data Benchmark Council) announced the latest results of the LDBC Social Network Benchmark Interactive workload. GraphScope ranked first with a throughput of over 33,000 QPS, which is over two times higher than the second-place (previous record holder).

Benchmark screenshot

LDBC also announced this result on their Twitter offical account.

Twitter screenshot

LDBC is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the graph data management industry. Its members include major graph database vendors such as Intel, AWS, Neo4j, TigerGraph, and Oracle, among others. One of LDBC’s core activities is the design and review of graph related benchmarks. They have developed a series of graph related benchmarks, including the Social Network Benchmark (SNB), Graphalytics Benchmark, and Financial Benchmark (FinBench), to systematically measure the functionality and performance of different types of graph systems.

The LDBC SNB Interactive benchmark that GraphScope participated in is suitable for transactional online query scenarios. It includes basic CRUD operations as well as complex operations like shortest path and multi-hop neighbor queries. This benchmark covers common scenarios and operations of graph databases and is recognized as the industry’s only benchmark for evaluating graph databases. During the test, three types of queries are sent to the system rapidly and continuously through a driver. The performance of the system is primarily measured by queries per second (QPS). The dataset used for the test simulates a social network graph similar to Facebook, and the scale of data is measured by a scal factor (SF). In this round of evaluation, the maximum scale factor for data is SF-300 (occupying approximately 300GB of raw data on the disk).

In recent years, several graph database vendors have participated in the LDBC SNB Interactive benchmark test:

Galaxybase: The graph database product of Create Link. They participated in this benchmark test in May 2022 and published a test report.

TuGraph: An open-source graph database product by Ant Group. Their most recent participation in the benchmark test was in January 2023, and they were the previous record holder.

In the LDBC SNB Interactive benchmark test, GraphScope achieved a throughput of over 30,000 QPS on a single node, which is twice the previous record holder. Additionally, GraphScope’s results were not dependent on any “pre-computation”. In contrast, according to publicly available test reports, previous participants in the evaluation had varying degrees of “pre-computation”.

We will later publish an article that thoroughly analyzes the challenges GraphScope faced and the key technologies and optimizations employed in this benchmark test. Please stay tuned!