How does GraphScope work?

GraphScope looks at first like a common search engine. Starting point is a search box, where the users enter their keywords to start a search. However under the hood, GraphScope is different. GraphScope uses advanced algorithms, which are based on years of research, to interpret keyword query. Below, we present more details on our GraphScope technology. If you are interested to learn even more about it, just contact us.


Known interface
A search box, known to every user, is the interface to start a search. GrapeScope understands your request and gives you feedback on how your search was interpreted. You can alter your request easily.
In-memory datasynopsis
GraphScope builds an in-memory datasynopsis that comprises an compact representation of the data structure and content.
Graph algorithms
GraphScope uses its own advanced and specialized graph algorithms to compute relevant paths and to discover relationships in the data.
Interpretation process
Internally Graphscope uses cognitive algorithms to interpret the user query as well as the data, in order to yield an understanding of both.
Statistical analysis
Statistical graph analysis is employed by GraphScope to compute characteristics of the data and speed up processing.
Result presentation
GraphScope presents the results as a table and shows the relationship between the elements as well as means to extend and filter the results.

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