Release Notes: v0.23.0

release-note We are thrilled to introduce a range of enhancements to GraphScope, with the GraphScope 0.23.0 release. This release encompasses significant features and improvements in Graph Interactive Engine (GIE), GraphScope Flex, and Deployment.

We highlight the following improvements included in this release:

1. GraphScope Flex Technical Preview

GraphScope Flex represents the ongoing evolution of GraphScope. In this release, we’re excited to introduce a technical preview of GraphScope Flex. It highlights a modular design that reduces resource and cost requirements while providing a seamless, user-friendly experience for flexible deployment. It’s currently under active development, and we look forward to your feedback.

Key Features:

  • Modular Design: Assemble your stack much like LEGO blocks to customize your graph computing deployments.
  • Three-Layer Architecture: Components are organized into an application layer, execution layer, and storage layer.
  • Flexible Builds and Deployments: Use the flexbuild script to build a custom deployment tailored for your specific use case.

You can explore GraphScope Flex in the flex/ directory or through the released artifacts

  • graphscope_flex_db_cppsp_hiactor_mcsr,
  • graphscope_flex_olap_builtin_grape-cpu, and

packages for high-QPS interactive queries, graph analytics, and graph learning task use cases, respectively. Dive in and discover what GraphScope Flex has to offer!

2. Enhancements for GIE

  • Support the recording of both vertices and edges during path expansion. In the past, path expansion had the option to yield either all vertices or the end vertex of the path. However, due to the requirements of both Gremlin and our users, it’s essential to also retrieve the edges of the path, besides the vertices. To activate this feature, use with('RESULT_OPT', 'ALL_V_E') in the path expansion syntactic sugar. Here is an example:
    gremlin> g.V().out("1..3", "knows").with('RESULT_OPT', 'ALL_V_E')
         ==>[v[1], e[0][1-knows->2], v[2]]
         ==>[v[1], e[2][1-knows->4], v[4]]
  • We are now happy to introduce the capability of querying Cypher in GIE, by integrating Neo4j’s bolt service in our system. Please follow the guide to enable bolt service (only on local) for querying with Cypher. We also attempt to make the syntax of Cypher as close as openCypher, and the details of our support for Cypher can be found here.

3. Other enhancements and bug fixes

  • GAE Java
    • Fix VertexSet’s problem of supporting vertex_id in java long.
    • Add Grape-GraphX performance report - Fix the problem of installing grape-jdk locally.

For more detailed improvements that have been made in this release, please refer to the complete changelog.