GIE for Cypher#

We have implemented Neo4j’s Bolt protocol for you to connect your Neo4j applications to the GIE’s Frontend service.

Your first step is to obtain the Cypher endpoint for the Bolt connector

  • Follow the instruction while deploying GIE in a K8s cluster,

  • Follow the instruction while starting GIE on a local machine.

Connecting via Python Driver#

GIE makes it easy to connect to a loaded graph with Neo4j’s [Python Driver]](

You first install the dependency:

pip3 install neo4j

Then connect to the service and run queries:

from neo4j import GraphDatabase, RoutingControl

URI = "neo4j://localhost:7687"  # neo4j:// + Cypher endpoint you've obtained
AUTH = ("", "")  # We have not implemented authentication yet

def print_top_10(driver):
    records, _, _ = driver.execute_query(
        "MATCH (n) RETURN n Limit 10",
    for record in records:

with GraphDatabase.driver(URI, auth=AUTH) as driver:


A simpler option is to use the interactive object for submitting Cypher queries through GraphScope’s python SDK, which is a wrapper that encompasses Neo4j’s Python Driver and will automatically acquire the endpoint.

Connecting via Cypher-Shell#

  1. Download and extract cypher-shell

    unzip && cd cypher-shell
  2. Connect to the Bolt connector with the Cypher endpoint you’ve obtained

    ./cypher-shell -a neo4j://localhost:7687
  3. Run Queries

    @neo4j> Match (n) Return n Limit 10;