graphscope.nx.generators.classic.full_rary_tree(r, n, create_using=None)[source]#

Creates a full r-ary tree of n nodes.

Sometimes called a k-ary, n-ary, or m-ary tree. “… all non-leaf nodes have exactly r children and all levels are full except for some rightmost position of the bottom level (if a leaf at the bottom level is missing, then so are all of the leaves to its right.” 1

  • r (int) – branching factor of the tree

  • n (int) – Number of nodes in the tree

  • create_using (NetworkX graph constructor, optional (default=nx.Graph)) – Graph type to create. If graph instance, then cleared before populated.


G – An r-ary tree with n nodes

Return type

networkx Graph



An introduction to data structures and algorithms, James Andrew Storer, Birkhauser Boston 2001, (page 225).