, algo=None, context=None, **kwargs)[source]

Load an app from gar. bytes or the resource of the specified path or bytes.

  • algo – str Algo name inside resource. None will extract name from gar resource if there is only one app in it.

  • gar – bytes or BytesIO or str str represent the path of resource. for java apps, gar can be none to indicate we should find the app in previouse added libs.


Instance of <>

  • FileNotFoundError – File not exist.

  • PermissionError – Permission denied of path.

  • TypeError – File is not a zip file.


>>> sssp = load_app(gar='./resource.gar', algo='sssp')
>>> sssp(src=4)
which will have following .gs_conf.yaml in resource.gar:
  • algo: sssp type: cpp_pie class_name: grape:SSSP context_type: vertex_data src: sssp/sssp.h compatible_graph:

    • gs::ArrowProjectedFragment