A One-Stop Large-Scale Graph Computing System

What is GraphScope

GraphScope is a unified distributed graph computing platform that provides a one-stop environment for performing diverse graph operations on a cluster through a user-friendly Python interface. GraphScope makes multi-staged processing of large-scale graph data on compute clusters simple by combining several important pieces of Alibaba technology: including GRAPE, MaxGraph, and Graph-Learn (GL) for analytics, interactive, and graph neural networks (GNN) computation, respectively, and the vineyard store that offers efficient in-memory data transfers.


GraphScope provides ease-of-use Python interface.
Users are enabled to process computation over very large graphs in a Jupyter Notebook.

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pip install graphscope Successfully installed graphscope python import graphscope sess = graphscope.session() from graphscope.dataset.ogbn_mag import load_ogbn_mag g = load_ogbn_mag(sess, "testing_data")


GraphScope is the receipent of
the Best Paper Award of SIGMOD 2017, the Best Demo Award of VLDB 2017,
Super AI Leader(SAIL) Award 2019 and the Best Paper Runner Up of VLDB 2020.
GraphScope receives Int’l recognition by both academia and industry.

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graphscope awards, best paper award sigmod 2017
Best Paper Award
graphscope awards, best demo award vldb 2017
Best Demo Award
graphscope awards, sail, super AI leader award
Super AI Leader Award
graphscope awards, best paper award, vldb2020
Best Paper Award