Interactive relies solely on Docker and does not have a strong dependency on the operating system, so in theory, a single installation package could be applicable to all systems. In practical tests, we have successfully tested it on Ubuntu and macOS, as well as on ARM64 and x86_64 architectures.


  • Docker Installation: Ensure you have Docker installed and configured on a Mac or Linux machine. If you haven’t installed Docker yet, you can find the installation guide here.

  • Download Required Files: Download the compressed file containing Docker configuration files, example data, and other necessary resources from interactive-latest. Extract the contents to a suitable location on your machine:

Install Interactive#

Just unzip the zip file.

cd interactive
# Next we assume that we are always in the folder of `GS_INTERACTIVE_HOME`
export INTERACTIVE_HOME=`pwd` 

To explore the usage of GraphScope Interactive, please follow getting_started.