graphscope.nx.generators.classic.turan_graph(n, r)[source]#

Return the Turan Graph

The Turan Graph is a complete multipartite graph on $n$ nodes with $r$ disjoint subsets. That is, edges connect each node to every node not in its subset.

Given $n$ and $r$, we create a complete multipartite graph with $r-(n mod r)$ partitions of size $n/r$, rounded down, and $n mod r$ partitions of size $n/r+1$, rounded down.

  • n (int) – The number of nodes.

  • r (int) – The number of partitions. Must be less than or equal to n.


Must satisfy $1 <= r <= n$. The graph has $(r-1)(n^2)/(2r)$ edges, rounded down.