Command-line Utility gsctl#

gsctl is a command-line utility for GraphScope. It is shipped with graphscope-client and provides a set of functionalities to make it easy to use GraphScope. These functionalities include building and testing binaries, managing sessions and resources, and more.

Install/Update gsctl#

Since it is shipped with python package graphscope-client, the gsctl command will be available in your terminal after installing GraphScope:

pip install graphscope-client

In some cases, such as development on gsctl, you may want to build it from source. To do this, navigate to the directory where the source code is located and run the following command:

cd REPO_HOME/python
# If you want to develop gsctl, 
# please note the entry point is located on: 
# /python/graphscope/gsctl/
pip install --editable .

This will install gsctl in an editable mode, which means that any changes you make to the source code will be reflected in the installed version of gsctl.


With gsctl, you can do the following things. Always remember to use --help on a command to get more information.

  • gsctl install-deps, install dependencies for building GraphScope.

  • gsctl make, build GraphScope executable binaries and artifacts.

  • gsctl make-image, build GraphScope docker images.

  • gsctl test, trigger test suites.